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Please be aware, if you are making your booking for a wedding, and including an inflatable amongst the equipment that you wish to hire​, our insurance company will only allow us to provide inflatable equipment to weddings if they have adequate supervision at all times.

To enable us to comply with this stipulation, when booking online, please ​choose ​yes when asked "Do you wish to add any other items to this booking?" and select one member of staff for each inflatable (bouncy castle, ball pond or slide) that you have included in your order.

Inflatable Birthday Cake

Price: £10

How's this for a huge Happy Birthday!!

This 4ft tall inflatable Birthday Cake is just the thing for letting your guests know where the party is or just for wishing your little one a mega Birthday Wish on their special day.

  • Suitable for anyone
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Delivered, Set up and collected by our trained staff
  • Adult supervision is required at all times.
  • Suitable For Children
    Suitable For Adults
    Shower Cover Not Included

    Suitable For

    Indoors on Artificial Grass
    Indoors on Hard Surface
    Outdoors on Grass

    Not Suitable For

    Outdoors on Concrete
    Outdoors on Hard Surface
    Outdoors on Tarmac

    Licensed Premises

    Please note that we can only supply equipment for private parties on licensed premises, (pubs etc).

    For example please do not place ​equipment in pub gardens for the general public to use, as adequate supervision cannot be ensured.

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