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Traditional Pass the Parcel Up to 25 Layers

Traditional Pass The Parcel Game

The original pass the parcel game but without the drudgery of having to wrap it yourself!

The game comes to you ready to go, wrapped with brightly coloured gender neutral paper, each layer containing a chocolate bar and a small packet of sweeties. The final layer as well as containing the sweets will also have a packet of felt tip pens as the main prize.

To assist the person in charge of the music the outer layer and the final layer will be wrapped in the same style of paper. The other layers will be in different alternating papers so that it is easy to see if more than one layer is removed by mistake.

This parcel can have up to 25 layers just let us know your preference​.

You will have everything you need to play a game of Pass the Parcel all you need to add is children!!

Price: £25

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Licensed Premises

Please note that we can only supply equipment for private parties on licensed premises, (pubs etc).

For example please do not place ​equipment in pub gardens for the general public to use, as adequate supervision cannot be ensured.